How can we book you in?

Simply, just go to BOOKING page and follow 4 quick and easy steps. In order to secure your wedding day, a deposit of $700 is required and completed online contract. Once the deposit and contract have been received, we secure your date in our calendar.

Where do you live and how far will you travel?

We live on the Sunshine Coast but we photograph and film weddings throught out all Australia and New Zealand.

Have you photographed at our venue before? Will you visit the location of our wedding if you haven’t been there before?

We have been photographing in various places, under different lighting conditions and during the different times of the day. Also, sometimes we take pictures in the same place but the lighting conditions are totally different as it depends on the weather conditions at any time on any given day. You never know what the weather is going to be doing on your wedding day and therefore, we have to rely on our skills and experience. That is why, to be physically present at the location before your wedding, is not absolutely necessary. However, if your wedding is at the venue where we have not been before, we always visit it personally in advance to explore how it looks like and what is nearby and also to do drone footage to save some time on the wedding day.

Will you hold our date whilst we decide?

A majority of couples book us at least a year in advance. Even if you contacted us and we were available at that time, that does not mean that we will hold the date forever. We give priority and secure date to those who pay a deposit first and complete an agreement as soon as possible.

Do you offer an engagement shoot?

Yes, we do. The engagement shoot is always a great way how to get to know each other a little bit more. You will see how we work and you will be much more relaxed on the day of your wedding. It usually takes around one hour and it is done one hour before sunset when the light is the best. You can expect around 30 edited images, which you can download from our online gallery, within three weeks after the shoot.

Can we give you a list or examples of specific photos we want to be taken?

This is not necessary as we have enough experience and we know what photos we are supposed to take. Please take a look at some of our shoots, so you will get feeling what type of images we capture on the day. However, if there is something special you want us to shoot, please let us know.

Do you take family photos (bride and groom with parents)?

Yes, even though you won’t find them on our website in most cases. Please make a list of specific combinations of family photos you want to take and allow up to 3 minutes for each group. Then you can easily figure it out how long this will take. We recommend to do group photos with your closest family after your ceremony and do the rest during the reception as there will be much more time. From our experience, the things might be a pretty hectic when doing group shots so involving someone “loud” from your guests, who know a majority of the people and could assist us, would definitively help.

Are our digital files watermarked?

No, all images from us are without our logo.

How long do we need for the portrait photos?

These photos are taken either before “first look” or after the ceremony when congratulations and family photos are done. If we are taking photos near the ceremony or venue location, 45 to 60 minutes will be required. If there is any travelling involved, please let us know in advance so we can help you with organising your schedule.

What we have seen in the past, travelling between locations can be very stressful as there might be some delays. That’s why we recommend having everything at one place. After group photos are finished, we will spend with you and your bridal party about 15 minutes so then they can go back and we’ll take you for a walk for about 45 minutes. We absolutely love this part of the day, as now you can enjoy your first moments as husband and wife and we have an opportunity to capture some romantic and beautiful moments.

What is a first look?

This is a moment when you see each other before the ceremony. Some couples consider this option if they have their ceremony late afternoon and there is not enough time for their portrait photos or don’t want their guest waiting on their own party.

What is the best time of day for the portrait photos?

The best time of day is one hour before the sunset, which is called golden hour. The light is very soft and sky plays with beautiful colours. It’s not always possible to plan your portrait photos around this time but we are always trying to take you outside for 15 minutes to capture some beautiful sunset images.

What if it rains on our wedding day?

If it rains on your wedding day, we will have to be more flexible and either wait for your portrait photos for a period when there is no rain or take your portrait inside. Anyway, if you are not afraid to get a little wet, photos taken in the rain with the umbrella will look magical.

We don’t like posing, what is your style?

We haven’t had a couple, who would tell us that like posing and they are super comfortable in front of the camera. Throughout the day, we will try to take as many candid moments as we can. Our aim is to capture the atmosphere of the entire day with all smiles, happy moments and tears. With regards to your portrait photos, as we have already spent some time together since getting ready, you should already feel relaxed in our company and get used to the camera. As we go for our session, we will guide you in order to make sure we will get the best possible outcome but at the same time, we will leave you enough time to be yourself and express your emotion between each other.

Do we receive RAW, unedited files?

No, we do not provide raw photos nor raw video footage as raw data is the only evidence proving authorship.

When can we expect our edited images/videos?

Your images/videos are ready within 3-6 weeks from your wedding.